At Massa & Company, we solve data usefulness problems.

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Marketing Analytics

We solve data usefulness problems

We start where you are, with the customer info you capture, including purchase history. If your data is clean and ready to go, so are we. If you need help, we can choose the right database solution for your company, and we can cleanse and organize your data to optimize delivery.

Massa & Company specializes in helping businesses reduce their marketing costs and increase sales. We do that through marketing analytics and predictive modeling.

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We show you who your customers are, what they are buying, and how that is changing over time.

What data problems are you trying to solve?

  • I have customer contact data, but I’m not sure how to use it to target the customers most likely to buy again soon. 
  • I have point-of-sale data, but I’m not sure how or why to create a predictive model from it.
  • I have e-commerce and social media metrics, but I’m not sure how to use them to determine my return on marketing investment (ROMI). 
Marketing analytics is about looking for what you don't know about your customers and their buying behavior.

Our Services & Expertise

We work with each client to turn data into action with marketing analytics and predictive modeling. We take the burden of analytics off your IT team and systems, and we work with your existing marketing team.

Marketing Analytics

You’re collecting customer data – let’s put it to use. We’re fluent in data, sales and marketing, and we shine at the intersection of the three. We translate your sales into easily understood dashboards, reports and recommendations. 

With Massa’s marketing analytics team on your side, you will:

  • Understand your KPIs, sales and opportunities – and how to leverage them
  • Know your customers by every relevant metric, such as zip code, age and ethnicity, or distance from store
  • Unburden your in-house IT and synergistically maximize the efforts of your marketing team by using our data analytics and management tools

Understand your needs

We'll meet with your IT, marketing and leadership teams to understand your KPIs, business goals and pain points. 

Build dashboards

We translate your data into highly-visual dashboards so you can quickly identify and respond to changes and opportunities in your business.

Deliver 24/7

Once we build them, your dashboards are accessible and updated as often as you share data with us. That can be daily, weekly or monthly. So you're never waiting on the analysis of your marketing campaigns.

See the whole picture

With Massa on your side, you'll see the whole picture of your sales and marketing – without getting bogged down in the details or lost in the data. 

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling is the ability to predict customer behavior using data. It’s a scientific way of analyzing your customer data to predict future behavior, such as when, where and why customers purchase certain products and services.

When informed by predictive models, you will:

  • Market to customers who are ready to buy right now.
  • Stop wasting money on dead leads.
  • Communicate with customers when they’re most receptive to your message
  • Accurately predict who will buy, what they’ll buy, and when.

Segment customers

Using your existing data, we arrange customers, donors or other stakeholders into like groups, or segments, based on things like engagements or  demographics. 

Find patterns

We look at past behaviors to find patterns. In marketing, we call it a regression analysis. But you can just call it our passion.


We show you how to use this data to take action. You'll know how to tailor your marketing to each of your segments with the method, message and timing they're most likely to respond to. That increases your sales (or donations) while you save marketing dollars.


With every marketing action, we update and append data to keep up with customers and trends. Over time, results – and your marketing – get stronger.

Supportive Services

We meet you where you are. If your data is spread across multiple platforms and systems, incomplete or disorganized, we’ll start there. We can clean your data, organize it and optimize it before we dig into marketing analytics and predictive modeling.

Data Cleansing & Auditing

We clean, audit and fill gaps in your data so that it is accurate and optimized. Learn more

Database Platform Solutions

We determine the best database solution or CRM for your needs. Learn more

Data Conversion & Migration

We convert and migrate your existing data to a new system. Learn more

Data Cleansing & Auditing

Find the right addresses

We determine the right mailing and email addresses for every customer in your database, using NCOA and cross-referencing against multiple periodicals to ensure complete accuracy. 

Dedup customers

We identify and eradicate duplicate customer addresses to help you slash the cost of your marketing campaigns and database maintenance.

Merge databases

When data is uniform and housed in a single location, it’s easier to work with. You’ll save time searching for the right customer records and be freed to focus on campaign optimization instead.

Repair and replace missing data

With structure in place, we fill in missing data with area codes, salutations, standardized prefixes and more.

Database Platform Solutions

Interview users

We interview end-users and key stakeholders to understand what you want to get from the information you capture and how your team uses data.

Analyze needs

We analyze how you gather information and sort out your must-have functionalities versus the nice-to-have features.


With the information you share, we use our technical knowledge and data experience to recommend the right fit for your budget, reporting needs and office culture. 

Migrate data

We can migrate your data from your old system to your sparkling, new CRM. (Yes, even if your current "system" is a collection of spreadsheets.)

Data Conversion & Migration

Data conversion and data migration can be complex and time consuming. But we love that stuff, so let us do it for you.

Since data is all we do, we know exactly how to convert and migrate your records – no matter which formats you’re using or which CRM you’re migrating to or from.

We use proven processes and cutting-edge technology to ensure your data stays protected, secure, and most importantly, accurate.

What if file formats differ?

Often, your CRM may require one file format, while an outside vendor requires another. We can convert and handle that process.

What data should I transfer?

Great question! We can help you identify what data to keep, what to drop (and thus save time and storage costs), and what to start collecting.

What if data fields aren't the same?

This happens often – your current CRM (or spreadsheet) doesn’t have the same fields as the new system you’d like to use. As data experts, we can create custom fields or streamline your data to make it consistent, without losing valuable data points.

What data problem do you want to solve? Let's talk.

Call us at 312.463.1050, or send us an email.

What Makes Massa & Co. Different

Excellent customer service.

When you work with Massa & Company, you work with a small, dedicated team of experts: Bonnie, Al and Kyle. You’ll have our names and contact info at your fingertips throughout the project.

Expertise beyond compare.

Combined, we bring more than 75 years of experience in data, marketing, analytics and systems engineering. That’s right – two of us have been doing this since before the internet was invented. But we stay up-to-date with the latest standards, services and practices.

Diverse experience.

We work with every type of client: enterprise businesses (B2B and B2C), not-for-profits, agencies and more. We have experience in all variety of marketing strategies, budgets and data.

We're collaborative.

We work alongside your marketing team to do the data work that may not be their expertise (or passion). Together, Massa & Co and your staff can build and maintain data that provides the analytics you need to measure your success.

Our Expertise

Massa & Company has been doing marketing analysis and predictive modeling since 1985. Here are just a few of the platforms we’ve worked with.



Dbase (dbf)



FoxPro & v FoxPro



MS Access



Raiser’s Edge


SQL Server

Text files (csv, tab, etc.)


Since 1985, Massa & Company has helped businesses reduce their marketing costs and increase sales by turning data into actionable insights.


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