At Massa & Company, we solve data usefulness problems.

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Marketing Analytics

We solve data usefulness problems

We start where you are, with the customer info you capture, including purchase history. If your data is clean and ready to go, so are we. If you need help, we can choose the right database solution for your company, and we can cleanse and organize your data to optimize delivery.

Massa & Company specializes in helping businesses reduce their marketing costs and increase sales. We do that through marketing analytics and predictive modeling.

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We show you who your customers are, what they are buying, and how that is changing over time.

What data problems are you trying to solve?

  • I have customer contact data, but I’m not sure how to use it to target the customers most likely to buy again soon. 
  • I have point-of-sale data, but I’m not sure how or why to create a predictive model from it.
  • I have e-commerce and social media metrics, but I’m not sure how to use them to determine my return on marketing investment (ROMI). 
Marketing analytics is about looking for what you don't know about your customers and their buying behavior.

Our Services & Expertise

We work with each client to turn data into action with marketing analytics and predictive modeling. We take the burden of analytics off your IT team and systems, and we work with your existing marketing team.

Marketing Analytics

You’re collecting customer data – let’s put it to use. We’re fluent in data, sales and marketing, and we shine at the intersection of the three. We translate your sales into easily understood dashboards, reports and recommendations. 

With Massa’s marketing analytics team on your side, you will:

  • Understand your KPIs, sales and opportunities – and how to leverage them
  • Know your customers by every relevant metric, such as zip code, age and ethnicity, or distance from store
  • Unburden your in-house IT and synergistically maximize the efforts of your marketing team by using our data analytics and management tools

Supportive Services

We meet you where you are. If your data is spread across multiple platforms and systems, incomplete or disorganized, we’ll start there. We can clean your data, organize it and optimize it before we dig into marketing analytics and predictive modeling.

What data problem do you want to solve? Let's talk.

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What Makes Massa & Co. Different

Our Expertise

Massa & Company has been doing marketing analysis and predictive modeling since 1985. Here are just a few of the platforms we’ve worked with.



Dbase (dbf)



FoxPro & v FoxPro



MS Access



Raiser’s Edge


SQL Server

Text files (csv, tab, etc.)


Since 1985, Massa & Company has helped businesses reduce their marketing costs and increase sales by turning data into actionable insights.


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