At Massa & Company, we solve data usefulness problems.

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We are your marketing analytics experts

We turn your data into action with customer segments, analytics and predictive modeling. Along the way, we clean, organize and optimize your customer data. 

We're trusted by businesses and nonprofits of all sizes

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Turn your customer data into dollars

Reduce your marketing costs and increase sales by choosing the right database solution for your company, cleaning and completing data to optimize delivery, and using marketing analytics and predictive modeling to measure and drive results.
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Let your marketing team shine. Leave the data to us.

We just do data, and we do it very well. Keep your in-house team focused on marketing strategy and delivery, while Massa & Co. informs their decisions.

"Incredible expertise"

“For any organization, Bonnie Massa offers strategic thinking, practical problem solving and creative ideas that will enhance and improve your business.”

Becky Magura

President & CEO, Nashville Public Television

"Nothing short of jaw-dropping"

“Her firm’s insights were nothing short of jaw-dropping. And the format of her analysis was a simple-to-follow blueprint for fixing and optimizing our site and overall marketing strategy.”

Kevin Masi

Co-founder, Torque Real Estate Marketing

"A great partner."

“Once Bonnie gets her analytical and detailed mind working nothing gets past her. She has the ability to see the big picture and connect the dots while keeping momentum moving forward.”

Allison K. Summers

Executive Director, Zonta International

Bonnie Massa, Marketing Analytics Expert

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Bonnie Massa

Founder & President

How we work

As a marketing analytics company, we clean, organize and optimize your data to begin delivering results through marketing analytics and predictive modeling. 

Start putting your data to work with Massa & Company

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Since 1985, Massa & Company has helped businesses reduce their marketing costs and increase sales by turning data into actionable insights.


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