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Al Loots

Al Loots, Marketing Data Analyst

Al Loots
Senior Software Development Engineer and Systems Analyst
Massa & Company

Marketing Data Analyst

Al joined Massa & Company in 2003 as our Senior Software Development Engineer and Systems Analyst. He leads our teams in database design, software design and implementation, and systems integration. He manages and executes the entire software development life cycle for new and existing software systems. He develops conversion and system implementation plans and recommends changes in development, maintenance and system standards. See how Al delivers as part of the Massa team.

Project Management

Al came to Massa from Lucent Technologies where he served for 23 years in Project Management, Quality Management, International Software Configuration, Market Systems Engineering, Customer Support and Software Development. Al’s programming experience includes C, C++, Perl, Unix/Shell, HTML, INGRES, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Dbase, FoxPro, Fortran, PL/1, JAVA and various assembly languages.

His broad range of experiences include:

  • Project manager for a $25 million project applying matrix management methods
  • Managed a telecommunications network support organization for North American customers
  • Managed and implemented a total quality management system for large scale organization
  • Trained in product and process quality metrics
  • Software Development for switching systems and supporting software
  • Database design and development for project analysis and human resources

Education & Certifications

Al holds a Masters in Engineering Management from National Technological University Boulder and a BS in Computer Engineering from University of Illinois Chicago. He is also a contributing author to the Federal Communications Commission Network Reliability Report to the nation and holds a patent in telecommunications.

He is a technical advisor to Save the Patient, enjoys DIY projects, aquariums, and is seemingly always in the middle of an annual swing change for golf.