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How Your Store can Succeed with Data-Based Marketing

Shopping phone app conceptAs a retailer, the successful collection and application of customer data is the most powerful tool in your marketing toolkit.

When integrated into all of your marketing efforts, data has the power to differentiate you from the competition, attract new customers to your stores, decrease your marketing spend and increase your profits.

In the coming weeks on the blog, I’ll focus on the power of data to create a highly personalized retail shopping experience for every single one of your customers. In this four-part series, you will discover:

  1. How data can be leveraged to define and amplify the customer experience
  2. Why you need to become a “personal shopper” for your customers (and how to do it)
  3. How mobile marketing can be used to influence purchasing decisions
  4. How to apply predictive analytics to all areas of your marketing and operations

Who is succeeding with data-based marketing?

The most successful retail companies are those able to continually adapt and change as technology changes. By creating marketing campaigns based on data, it’s possible to create a shopping experience that’s much more personalized than anything offered by the competition.

Today’s successful, tech-savvy retailers have learned how to incorporate predictive analytics into their marketing models.

By using data in a strategic way, they can….

  • Accurately predict customer purchases
  • Streamline the ordering process
  • Create a better browsing experience
  • Anticipate their customer’s wants and needs
  • Increase the cost-effectiveness of their supply chains

Successful retailers understand that their marketing should never be the result of guesswork. With the advent of analytics, and customer analytics services to help businesses make sense of their data, there is no longer a need to wonder what customers want or when they’re going to make a purchase. Since it’s possible to predict customer behavior using data, marketing decisions can now be made using a proven, scientific model.

How Data Defines Your Customer’s Experience

Are you ready to list your company among the growing number of retailers successfully using data to drive their marketing? If so, it’s crucial to develop a twofold capacity for pre-planning and real-time decision making.

The new customer experience is centered on technology and data-based action.

Those actions include:

  1. Tracking customer behavior
  2. Understanding the needs of different customer demographics
  3. Timing your marketing campaigns to reflect customer buying habits

Instead of marketing to your entire customer base or even to a particular customer segment, you can use data to encourage the purchase of products each individual customer is most likely to buy.

Predictive models make it easier than ever to create a highly personalized shopping experience that solidifies customer loyalty. When combined with mobile technology and real-time responsiveness, predictive models virtually eliminate the need for any form of guesswork in your marketing.

Food for Thought: Artichoke Chicken

Using data to drive your marketing is so much easier – and so much less expensive – than guessing what your customers want or what they might purchase next.

It reminds me of a really simple, delicious recipe I recently found for artichoke chicken. All you need are chicken thighs and drumsticks, artichoke quarters, big mushroom caps and a few flavoring ingredients.

Mix everything together, place it in the oven for an hour and a half, and BAM! You have a simple, delicious dish that comes together perfectly. Serve with rice to absorb all the tasty sauce and enjoy the following day as leftovers.

I loved this one-pot wonder dish, especially for a busy weeknight meal. Sometimes the simplest meals are the most delicious, just as taking the simpler, proven, data-driven approach to your marketing creates the best results!

You can find Donna Giblin’s Artichoke Chicken recipe here:

In my next blog post, I’ll reveal how to create a personal shopping experience for your customer using technology and predictive analytics.

Until then, contact Massa & Company to learn how you can use data to increase profits and reduce your marketing spend. Visit or call (312) 463–1050.

Bonnie Massa is Founder and President of Chicago-based Massa & Company, Inc. She works with companies and nonprofits to make the best use of their information about customers, partners, donors and sponsors. With more than 40 years of experience in marketing and predictive analytics, Bonnie is passionate about helping clients make informed, data-driven decisions to increase the value of their customer base. She strongly believes that making pasta and ice cream from scratch are worth the effort, and she spends much of her free time testing and re-testing that theory.

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