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Data Cleansing & Data Audit

We solve data usefulness problems When your Data Needs Help

Managing customer data is not an easy task.   Often inconsistencies and errors creep into your data despite your best efforts.   

To prepare your customer data for either for predictive modeling or effective measurements may require data cleansing.   Your data may be getting collected in multiple systems and each system may organize it differently.   We offer 3 services to maximize the value of your data.

  1. Data Cleansing & Data Audit
  2. Database Platform Solutions
  3. Data Conversion & Migration
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Your customer data is a critical asset that needs to be maintained and managed so you can leverage it to achieve your company’s goals.

Data Cleansing & Data Audit

Find the right addresses

We determine the right mailing and email addresses for every customer in your database, using NCOA and cross-referencing against multiple periodicals to ensure complete accuracy. 

Dedup customers

We identify and eradicate duplicate customer addresses to help you slash the cost of your marketing campaigns and database maintenance.

Data Audit

We will guide your data team through a data audit to make sure your data platform is ready for marketing campaigns and the analytics that follow. See our blog post about why and how to conduct a data audit.

Merge databases

When data is uniform and housed in a single location, it’s easier to work with. You’ll save time searching for the right customer records and be freed to focus on campaign optimization instead.

Repair and replace missing data

With structure in place, we fill in missing data with area codes, salutations, standardized prefixes and more.

Database Platform Solutions

Interview users

We interview end-users and key stakeholders to understand what you want to get from the information you capture and how your team uses data.

Analyze needs

We analyze how you gather information and sort out your must-have functionalities versus the nice-to-have features.


With the information you share, we use our technical knowledge and data experience to recommend the right fit for your budget, reporting needs and office culture. 

Migrate data

We can migrate your data from your old system to your sparkling, new CRM. (Yes, even if your current "system" is a collection of spreadsheets.)

Data Conversion & Migration

Data conversion and data migration can be complex and time consuming. But we love that stuff, so let us do it for you.

Since data is all we do, we know exactly how to convert and migrate your records – no matter which formats you’re using or which CRM you’re migrating to or from.

We use proven processes and cutting-edge technology to ensure your data stays protected, secure, and most importantly, accurate.


Our Services & Expertise

We work with each client to turn data into action with marketing analytics and predictive modeling. We take the burden of analytics off your IT team and systems, and we work with your existing marketing team.


Since 1985, Massa & Company has helped businesses reduce their marketing costs and increase sales by turning data into actionable insights.


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