Unlocking The Bible

Using CRM to Support an Engaged Online Ministry

Non-profit ministries face the unique challenge of keeping their contributors informed and engaged, so these people can see the benefits of their support.

This was particularly true for Unlocking the Bible, which reaches international followers primarily through radio “daily keys,” and sermons and Bible study resources available online. Without a “bricks and mortar” church, it needed to foster a true sense of community by using online outreach.

John Aiello, Executive Director of Ministry, for Unlocking the Bible, knew the organization needed a robust CRM—in this case, “contributor” relationship management. After doing some research, he determined a SaaS (software as a solution) approach was the best fit. He identified 12 possible database management systems but wasn’t sure which one would be the best fit—let alone how to handle the transition to the new solution. “We didn’t have the time, people or expertise to take on a project of this magnitude,” Aiello explains.

Offering More than the Expected Solution

Unlocking the Bible turned to Massa & Company. Its president, Bonnie Massa, was able to identify even more options for the organization. Then she used her expertise to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each, and narrow the field to the three best database management programs for Unlocking the Bible. As part of this process, Massa quickly mapped the organization’s requirements to the system’s capabilities. Then she located vendors who not only could handle the technical needs but offered the right cultural fit.

“Bonnie was very hands on,” says Aiello. “She and her people took the time to listen and truly understand the fine points of what we needed. She really helped demystify the process.”

Massa went beyond the expected scope of work. She suggested ways to “clean” the existing data—so it would be easier to transfer, adjusted some of the data fields in the new system to better reflect the organization’s needs, and structured the program to keep it optimized.

“Massa & Company really delivered for us,” Aiello says. “They got the work done on time, with the right level of detail, and kept it all within our budget.”

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