Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation Services

See vital groups of customers with similar buying patterns unfold from a simple RFM to highly specialized groupings. There are a number of market segmentation techniques that can be utilized to give you a snapshot of vital customer information- information that shows you how to plan for a new campaign, adjust your current campaign, or analyze the performance of a recent marketing campaign.

We have seen highly targeted direct marketing campaigns based on our high-precision segmentation models increase response rates for retail furniture chains by 30%. Just tell us what you’d like to see and we can customize a segmentation view for you.

For example:

  • RFM Segments (Recency, Frequency, Monetary)
  • Propensity to buy segments
  • Behavior and needs based segments
  • Fastest growing customer segments
  • Most profitable customer segments
  • Responders to your offers in segments