Not-for-Profit ROI and Database Selection Analysis

Not-for-Profit ROI and Database Selection Analysis

Do you rely on an outdated database or a series of spreadsheets to track donor information? Does a tight budget mean you can’t afford a customized database or in-house technical person?

These situations often hamper fundraising and program tracking and may mean you need ROI and Database Selection Analysis. Activities that should be simple—such as creating a mailing list for your annual appeal—take too long. Do you have a poor understanding of your donors—because you can’t analyze the data you do have? This can affect your efforts to create an effective communication strategy. As a result, you miss opportunities to raise awareness—and funds and report back to funders on program success.
Massa & Company understands the needs—and budget constraints—of not-for-profits. We use a proven process to take the mystery out of fundraising & program tracking software selection and database management. Massa will:

  • Evaluate the information you need—and what you want to get from the donor information you capture
  • Analyze your database, how you gather information, and create relationships to optimize your system, eliminate errors, and prevent future problems
  • Identify and assess your software options—looking at technical suitability, affordability, and cultural fit
  • Ensure a smooth transition from the old system to the new, so you can quickly benefit from new capabilities
  • Provide ongoing training or support to make certain there always is someone who understands and can manage your database
  • Measure and examine systems to ensure they continue to perform as they should

We can unlock the dollars hidden in your donor database!

Outcomes/What Not-for-Profits Say About Us

“We didn’t have the time, people or expertise to take on a project of this magnitude. Bonnie was very hands-on. She and her people took the time to listen and truly understand the fine points of what we needed. She really helped demystify the process.” John Aiello, Unlocking the Bible, Executive Director of Ministry. Click to get the whole Unlocking the Bible story.

“Bonnie did for us what we do for our clients: she became our advocate. She gave a voice to our concerns and wishes, gave us the language to express these to the vendors we interviewed, and an ability to understand their responses. Now we’ll be able to record the amount of money we get from donors, track the involvement of volunteers, see interactions with project partners, and know the best ways to keep all of them engaged.” Samantha Kyrkostas, Development Associate, Illinois Legal Aid Online. Click to get the whole Illinois Legal Aid Online story.

“Bonnie knew this wasn’t about collecting numbers, but giving people of all levels of ability insight they could act on. She was able to translate complex technology ideas into concepts that everyone—regardless of technical aptitude—could grasp. And it was a real bonus that Bonnie has a great interpersonal style that really fit our culture.” Ken G Kabira, Group Manager, Lions Clubs International Click to get the whole Lions Clubs International story.

“She asks great questions, and provides solutions that help us maximize ROI while keeping expenses low. Her pricing is competitive and she has a keen sense for non-profit management and strategy.” Audrey Eisenberg, Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago.

“Bonnie provides a breath of fresh air—outspoken, pragmatic, clear, and insightful in an industry full of jargon-speakers and shysters. She’s as honest as you’ll ever want to meet, will tell you if she can or cannot help, and is adept at asking the ‘right’ questions to get you on the right path”. Paul Wolf, Wild Onion Marketing.

“Thanks to Bonnie and her staff, we now have a deeper insight into those who choose to contribute to our organization. This allowed us to develop a more integrated donation strategy that segments target audiences, allowing for unique messages and outreach.” Becky Magura, WCTE-TV, a PBS affiliate.

These are some of the fundraising software systems and social service tracking systems that Massa has investigated for our not-for-profit clients:
GiftWorks, NEON, iMIS,, CiviCRM, ResultsPlus, MS Dynamics, DonorPerfect, Common Ground, SugarCRM, The Raiser’s Edge, customized MS Access, Client Track, ETO, Circe, Apricot, and Newdea.

Massa & Company has a long track record of showing not-for-profits how to meet the ROI challenge. We are experts at developing affordable and manageable approaches that show how you achieve your mission.

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