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Find Money Hidden in Your Nonprofit Donor Database

“Thanks to Bonnie and her staff (Nonprofit Consulting services), we now have a deeper insight into those who choose to contribute to our organization. This allowed us to develop a more integrated donation strategy that segments target audiences, allowing for unique messages and outreach.” Becky Magura, WCTE-TV, a PBS affiliate.

One of the most effective ways to unlock hidden funds is by creating participation segments among your donors based on each donor’s past giving behavior, their volunteerism and their participation in your fundraising events and programs.

When you look at the 360 degree view of your donor – a rich story develops as a road map for creating a fundraising strategy by donor or segment rather than for ALL donors.  A custom “ask” strategy will emerge.

If your nonprofit donor management system cannot identify these donor segments for you – Massa & Company can. We have 20+ years of experience with nonprofit donor management consulting and we have the analytics tools needed for the job. Avoid sending the same message to all donors and call Bonnie Massa today 312.463.1050!

Choosing the Right Nonprofit Donor Data System

“Bonnie did for us what we do for our clients: she became our advocate. She gave a voice to our concerns and wishes, gave us the language to express these to the vendors we interviewed, and an ability to understand their responses. Now we’ll be able to record the amount of money we get from donors, track the involvement of volunteers, see interactions with project partners, and know the best ways to keep all of them engaged.” Samantha Kyrkostas, Illinois Legal Aid Online. Click to get the whole Illinois Legal Aid Online story.

If you have reached the point where your current data system is outdated or too small or too costly to operate or update, and is hampering your fundraising and donor management efforts then you are probably searching for another system suitable for nonprofit data management now or will be soon.

You may need a non-biased expert to conduct the internal needs analysis for the new system with your staff’s users and stakeholders, a person that is software agnostic but deeply knowledgeable about the many nonprofit donor and social services solutions in the market place. If so, then Bonnie Massa can be your partner during your data system solutions search! Let us know how we can assist your search and call today!

Make Your Nonprofit’s Website More Cost Effective

Google Analytics is a free tool with valuable information on how people use your site. Knowing which pages they visit—and don’t—means you can make smarter investments in improving it. Whether you are a novice at using Google Analytics or an intermediate user, Bonnie Massa can show you 5 quick ways to get immediate actionable insights from Google Analytics.

“It was one of the best webinars that I have been a part of! The information was right on target. Bonnie Massa did an excellent job presenting it and moving it along.”

“I thought it was the best use of my time all week. I can’t believe the presenter fit everything in that she did—it was fast, but I didn’t feel behind.”

“Great Webinar! The presenter knew her material well!”

Massa works with nonprofits in three ways to improve their use of Google Analytics.
1. We will provide your organization with correct coding for each domain and webpage and indicate how to create tracking for your videos and downloads to see how many times they are clicked.
2. We will set up standard and custom reports based on the Key Performance Indicators that are best for your organization, then show you how to use those metrics to make strategic decisions about your web site.
3. We will provide ongoing analysis: pulling the data, interpreting and providing it on a monthly or quarterly basis so that you don’t have to.

Bonnie has conducted webinars on Google Analytics for: Blue Avocado, GiftWorks and Nonprofit Webinars. Read what some of the attendees had to say in the box to the right.

Get the most from your data system and analytics tools and make smart choices for tomorrow. Contact us today at 312-463-1050 and make Massa your consulting partner in analytics!