Google Analytics Optimization

Google Analytics optimization provides actionable insights

  • Do you know who is visiting your site?
  • Where they came from and where they go next?
  • What individual elements are grabbing their attention page by page?
  • What important messages are visitors not even seeing?
  • Are they watching your videos and opening your pdf documents?
  • Do they bounce or buy or browse?

More importantly: Do you know what you should do once you get those answers?

Untapped Potential

For many companies, Google Analytics represents untapped potential. Most users don’t get past the basic metrics on the Dashboard. The reality is the tool encompasses an astounding amount of data about how your site performs, how people react to it and how you can make profitable improvements. Massa can show you how to compress those hundreds of metrics down to the few Key Performance Indicators, and discover ways to organize, compare, and interpret the information and act to turn these insights into dollars.

You’ve Already Invested; Now Earn Results

You’ve already invested time and money on your Web site. Now make sure you get maximum value back. If you have not yet optimized your Google Analytics account and learned all its capabilities, Massa & Company can take you to the next step. We will save you time and effort with our low-cost Google Analytics Optimization Package ($1,000) that will:
• Examine your Google Analytics Tracking Code set up to make sure it is tracking visitors from all web properties and all “non-page events” on your site
• Show you how well your Landing Pages are doing at engaging visitors and bringing them deeper into the web site
• Compare your business goals with visitors’ real-world behaviors and patterns
• Review areas where small, easy changes will generate big results
• Eliminate uncertainty about the site and speculation about how to improve it
• Provide a detailed list of actions to improve conversion, drive sales, and enhance your customers’ experience

Before you make one more investment in your marketing campaigns or Web site changes, make sure you have a full, detailed picture about what is working and what could work better. For $1,000, you could save yourself thousands of dollars in further consulting fees and many thousands more in missed opportunities. You’ll get a concise report with clear, prioritized next steps with an immediate pay-off.

Google Analytics: Optimize What’s Possible!

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