Database Solutions

Database Solutions

  • Do you know you need a new Contact Relationship Management system (CRM) or marketing database but the task of finding the best one for your business makes your head hurt?
  • Are you using Excel spreadsheets, or other stand-alone software, to manage your sales leads and communications and it just isn’t adequate anymore?
  • Does your database have a marketing module, but no one in the company understands how to really use it to increase revenue?
  • Do you have point-of-sale software that helps you manage inventory and track sales, but doesn’t function as a marketing resource that will determine your best customers and offers?

What if you had a system to collect, retrieve and analyze customer data that enabled you to predict future buying behavior that will increase your businesses profitability?


In this age of technology, we are swimming in data. If you’re like most businesses, you are collecting customer data through sales transactions, but don’t have an effective way to retrieve it and use it to inform the next set of marketing decisions. Additionally, you may not be collecting all the right information needed to compete.

Step 1 in becoming a data-driven decision maker and business leader is to set up an effective system to collect and use customer data for marketing purposes. This step is the foundation of all analysis to come and is crucial to the efficiency of the marketing process.

Your time selling and marketing is more valuable to your business than time spent researching data systems and setting up the customer analytics environment. Because Massa has built and customized marketing databases for 20 years, we are an ideal partner for finding a program that’s best for your business.

Our proven process includes:


Once your data system is in place, we can begin to pull and analyze your data using predictive modeling, showing you how to spend less and sell more by targeting your best prospects at the right time with the right message—a process called Customer Analytics.