Database Selection

Case Studies for Database Selection


Unlocking the Bible – Using CRM (Database) to Support an Engaged Online Ministry 

Non-profit ministries face the unique challenge of keeping their contributors informed and engaged, so these people can see the benefits of their support.

This was particularly true for Unlocking the Bible, which reaches international followers primarily through radio “daily keys,” and sermons and Bible study resources available online. Without a “bricks and mortar” church, it needed to foster a true sense of community by using online outreach.

John Aiello, Executive Director of Ministry, for Unlocking the Bible, knew the organization needed a robust CRM—in this case, “contributor” relationship management. After doing some research, he determined a SaaS (software as a solution) approach was the best fit. He identified 12 possible database management systems but …More


Illinois Legal Aid Online –Using Database Management to Support a Nonprofit’s Mission

Not-for-profits wish to spend most of their funds helping the groups they serve. But sometimes investing in technology—particularly database management—allows them to better meet their mission.

Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) faced an ironic situation. Its mission is to use innovative technology to increase access to justice for lower income and vulnerable Illinois residents. The organization’s website was recognized as one of the nation’s best in delivering legal information to the public. However, its internal donor database was housed on a Microsoft Access program that had stopped meeting its needs years ago.

“While our system could keep a record of donors, it didn’t allow us to track their engagement—or help us identify the best ways to reach out to them,” says ILAO Development Associate Samantha Kyrkostas. “We needed…More