Customer Analytics

Use customer analytics to fuel your competitiveness!

  • Are you facing pressures from above to increase your ROI for your marketing dollars?
  • Would you like to reduce your direct marketing budget by 10% or more AND increase sales?
  • Do you wish you knew which customers were most likely to buy again and when, so you could focus your marketing dollars on them?

Customer analytics. Predictive analytics. Database marketing. Target marketing. Big data. The ever-popular CRM. Call it what you may; the underlying driver is the same:

  • To maximize your revenues, you need to understand your customer’s individual buying behavior so you can reach them with a solution to their problem when they are most apt to buy.

No, we don’t have a crystal ball. But we do have the tools and the know-how to figure out your most likely repeat purchasers. And we can do this with the data you already have.

Massa & Company has been saving companies thousands in their marketing expenses, and increasing their revenues, since 1985. We mine your data to predict the buying needs of your customers so you can create highly targeted direct mail, voice, and e-mail marketing campaigns that deliver big on ROI.

Here’s one example:
A large, regional retail chain had various disparate data streams, but no view of the big picture and no way to analyze data. They needed the ability to build predictive models and improve their ability to target their clients most likely to buy in their marketing campaign.

Massa partnered with them to determine which customers were most likely to buy again, so they could tailor their campaign. They reduced their marketing spend by 10%.

Improving profitability in today’s competitive and rapidly changing marketplace is imperative. Massa provides results.

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