Creating Customer Segments

Case Studies for Creating Customer Segments (Marketing)


Creating Customer Segments for a National Sporting Event

Sales and marketing professionals share a key goal: to minimize the number of people they must contact to create a sale. Many of them have the raw material for doing this in their systems today—but don’t know how to use it.

This was the case for an association that holds sporting events in Chicago. For years it had been collecting information on those who purchased tickets or merchandise. But no one had a good understanding of why some people bought and others didn’t—and how to incent them to buy more or more often. That meant… More


Creating Customer Segments for Retail Furniture Direct Marketing

Here is a story common to more than one furniture retain chain with various disparate data streams, but no view of the big picture and no way to analyze data for marketing. Oh sure, they had POS systems and inventory systems but they needed the ability to build predictive models and improve their direct marketing campaign targeting to specific customer segments. Improving profitability in today’s competitive and rapidly changing retail furniture markets is imperative. They came to Massa for results. Solutions: Creating a Marketing Database for Analytics…More