We love working with agencies, and the feelings are mutual.

We give you the opportunity to grow your business – without losing revenue. We offer services that most agencies simply do not have in-house, including data cleansing, data conversion, predictive modeling and other in-depth marketing analytics. By pitching Massa’s services as part of your agency’s work, you get a bigger piece of the client’s pie, at no cost to you.

How we benefit your agency

Partnering with Massa expands the services you offer to your clients. We can help you by:

  • Using analytics to strengthen your strategy, narrow your targeting and increase ROI
  • Creating thorough, data-driven customer profiles and journey maps
  • Building predictive models that tell you who is going to buy, when and how that is changing over time
  • Developing custom Google Analytics profiles and optimization strategies
  • Cleansing, converting and formatting data for CRMs, NCOA-compatibility and mailhouses
  • Reducing the overhead of an in-house analyst
  • Bringing our 19 years of experience with agencies to your projects
  • Serving as a silent partner – we do the work, you get the credit

It goes without saying that we’re not after your clients; we have no interest in going around you. By working together, you and Massa get more business opportunities, more revenue and happier customers. That’s the kind of partnership we value.

Our most in-demand projects

1. Customer Targeting

We can find your clients’ BEST customers to target with direct mail, email and/or Facebook.  This targeting saves the financial and reputation cost of contacting people who are NOT likely to buy from your clients. Plus, contacting the best customers, rather than all customers or a random sample, increases the ROI you report out.

2. Marketing Analytics

We speak data, and we do it all. Using your client’s transaction data, we can show you:

  • who their customers are, by building customer segments
  • what each customer segment is buying
  • how segments are changing over time

3. Cost-effective Solutions

We work behind-the-scenes as your marketing analytics team, providing you with valuable campaign data. We are here when you need us, not constant overhead like an on-staff analyst. We only get paid when you’ve sold our services – and that comes from your client’s budget, not yours.

4. Comprehensive Services

Our predictive modeling and marketing analytics services allow you to expand the services you offer your clients. Use our services as incremental business or new business opportunities, and our partnership will make your agency more valuable to your clients.

5. Years of Experience

We have been working as a strategic partner for agencies since 1999. We understand your clients, your opportunities and your goals.

Our core services for agencies

Customer Analytics | Case Study 

Data is our passion, and we do it better than anyone else. Reviewing customer data, we develop detailed profiles that bring customers to life, enriching their relationship with businesses.

Predictive Modeling | Case Study 

With our in-depth data analysis, we not only segment customers – we can show you who is likely to buy, when, and through what channels. That helps your agency target audiences and deliver the right messages at the right time.

Data Cleansing | Case Study 

We update addresses and remove undeliverables using in-house data cleansing tools and external services like NCOA and ECOA, plus we de-dup and correct data entries, and we prep data for mailhouses. By ensuring data is clean and correct, we save clients’ money, increase response rate and boost ROI.

Google Analytics Optimization | Case Study 

We have to know who is coming to our sites, when and what they’re doing there. We build easy-to-use dashboards and reporting tools to ensure that web teams know how customers are responding to funnels.

Data Conversion and Migration | Case Study 

Switching CRMs? We clean up data from an old database, convert it to the new format needed and get everything squared away in the new system. We can also identify the best database solution based on client needs.

Our agency partners

We’ve been partnering with agencies large and small since 1999. Here are just a few:

  • Robinson & Mate
  • Huntington 
  • Targetcom 
  • Yaffee Group, Inc 

We’d love to talk about a partnership with your agency. Call Bonnie today at 312.463.1050 or email her.