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5 Ways to Use Predictive Analytics to Boost your Bottom Line

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Bonnie Massa_January Image Blog Post 2In my exploits in the kitchen as an enthusiastic home cook, I am usually looking for more than one way to use a new ingredient (or an old one) that I really like.  The same is true with Predictive Analytics – there is more than one way to use analytics to get your desired result.

Most companies collect data on ...

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The Definition of Predictive Analytics

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Blackboard "Predictive Analytics"My recent trip to Italy has fueled a cooking frenzy in my household. While I’ve always loved to cook, something about creating homemade sauces and hand-rolled pastas based on authentic Italian recipes has unleashed my inner Iron Chef.

What I love most about cooking is that by following a specific recipe, you can almost always predict the culinary outcome.

Of course, there’s always ...

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Why Donor Databases are Like Wardrobes

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Here’s a cautionary tale.
A social services organization called me because its case management database no longer provided useful reports for case workers—or the statistical information funders wanted.

My research, which included interviewing all of the program staff and reviewing their existing system, indicated the system was left unattended for many years and couldn’t be fixed. I suggested four solutions: all costing $50,000 to $90,000 over five years. That’s hard to swallow when you haven’t devoted a dime to your system ...

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