No Marketing Analyst on Staff? No Budget? No CRM? No problem!


Did you know it’s possible to turn data into dollars?

You know what your customers want right now. But what about next week? Next year?

Massa & Company is your partner in prediction. Using your data, we have the power to predict what will make your customers…

  • Buy again
  • Buy more
  • Buy more often

Leave the hard stuff to us…

You don’t need to be an analytics expert or have an entire IT department at your disposal to reap the benefits of Predictive Analytics.

Our expert analysis of your customers’ buying habits will reveal which offers will attract new customers, which marketing methods will be most effective, and which marketing efforts are simply a waste of money.

Even if your budget is tight and you have no CRM system to speak of, we can help you turn data into dollars.

Here’s how we do it…

Predictive Analytics

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“Massa & Co. provides a breath of fresh air—outspoken, pragmatic, clear, and insightful in an industry full of jargon-speakers and shysters. They’re as honest as you’ll ever want to meet, will tell you if they can or cannot help, and are adept at asking the ‘right’ questions to get you on the right path.” –Paul Woolf, Wild Onion Marketing

“Four words describe Massa: Responsive, capable, committed partner.” –Michael Morin, The Yaffe Group

“Massa & Co. has been a vital part of our process since 1999—replacing a succession of larger (and more expensive) firms... They’ve always listened to our needs... They’re completely, invisibly reliable in helping us achieve our CRM goals.” –Questex Publications, Travel Agent Magazine

“I personally want to thank their team for the hard, excellent work on behalf of budget over the years. The reports were always prompt and correct, and they have always done an excellent job communicating issues to us. Their knowledge base on the brand is incredible.” –Budget Rent a Car